Welcome to Dr. Andriani's Pediatric Dental Office. We provide the highest quality of personalized and individual attention for every child in a friendly and professional manner. Our motto is "EVERYONE WALKS OUT WITH A SMILE ON THEIR FACE". We love working with children, for they are our future, and a smiling future is what we like to see.

All our staff are professionally trained with the highest standards, retain a lifetime of experience working with children, and most importantly understand the various needs and feelings of each individual child that walks into our office. We can contribute this to Dr. Andriani, which has been dealing with the oral hygiene needs of children for over ten years.  Dr. Andriani, after graduating from USC School of Dentistry, receiving her CAGS in Pediatric Dentistry from Boston University and receiving her Fellowship in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago, has been dedicating her career to providing the highest quality standards and the most modern techniques in Pediatric Dentistry. Her experience, knowledge, dedication are only surpassed by her heart felt desire to personally provide the highest quality of service in a fun, caring, friendly, and educational manner for each individual child.
Dr. Andriani comes from a family with a strong history in the medical field. Her father is a surgeon and her brother is an Urologist.  Despite the gentle coaxing from her family to enter the medical field, Dr. Andriani pursed dentistry with a emphasis in pediatrics. She has a deep desire to improve on the way children are cared for and  treated. 

Currently, Dr. Andriani has two office locations in Beverly Hills and Diamond Bar.

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