Friendly Thoughts

No Place Like Home
Compared to an adult, it is very different for a child to visit a dental office. An adult has a realistic perception of what to expect, but a child leaving their safe and friendly home, expects a visit to the dental office to be a journey to just another friendly neighborhood playground. We give every child a friendly tour of the entire office. This provides a level of comfort and freedom as if they are in their own home. The parent, the child, and Dr. Andriani have a chance to get to know each other and become friends. 

No Big White Walls
We don't want to go to a dentist's office, we want to go home. Keeping our children in mind, we have designed a child-friendly office, equipped with child-sized bumble bee and panda chairs, black and white mushroom stools, and carpet that's reminiscent of a giant zebra whose strips went haywire. The biggest difference is that there are no white walls. Large White Walls can be scary for kids, so we gave every treatment room a different color - green, blue pink, and gray. 

All Good Boys and Girls
Though most children react positively to our office, there are children who have either been previously traumatized in the past, or who are simply too scared to relax.   Providing a friendly and positive experience is important in keeping the child calm and feel at ease. We have developed many child friendly methods working with children using positive reinforcement and distraction techniques.

Conservative Treatment is Our Goal
We take a very conservative approach when it comes to medication and sedation.  When necessary, we use Oral Conscious Sedation (Happy Cocktail and Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). In severe cases, IV sedation can be preformed by a professional anesthesiologist.

A Clean Home (Sterilization) 
A friendly environment means a clean and safe environment. Our office uses the state-of-the-art sterilization and antiseptic techniques.  All members of our staff are thoroughly trained in these procedures.  Our sterilization procedures and disinfectants meet or exceed the guidelines set by OSHA and American Dental Association.

An Ounce of Prevention 
While we work to give the best of care to our patients, we don't expect miracles. We believe in prevention, as well as treatment. But we won't tell kids they can not eat candy or chocolate. Taking something away that they like for the sake of oral hygiene can turn them off to it completely. Positive reinforcement, emphasizing on post treatment care,  oral hygiene (brushing & flossing), proper brushing and flossing, and good eating habits is essential to a healthy, long lasting, and bright smile.

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